As a Climate for Health leader you can inspire others on climate solutions to protect their well-being and nurture a healthy future.




How are leaders across the country stepping up to take action on climate change? ecoAmerica has released Let’s Lead On Climate, a brand-new guide that features nine success stories of initiatives by local organizations who are inspiring and engaging communities around them to make climate solutions a priority.  This week's Climate for Health blog features the first of our health leaders Shanda Demorest, and her organization Health Students for a Healthy Climate, who together are working to fill in the gaps on health professional engagement on climate and health.

Each week, Climate for Health shares the past week’s most interesting and useful climate stories.

Climate change is one of the most pressing public health problems of our time. But it is also one of the greatest opportunities to make positive changes to the health of Americans, as well as globally. Nurses are in every community and as the most trusted profession are well-positioned to take a lead in addressing this public health crisis.  In this week's blog Cara Cook of the Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments introduces a new video produced by ANHE and Climate for Health and describes the tremendous opportunity nurses have to lead on climate and health.

This month's Champion is Melissa Ibarra.  Melissa received her MPH at the University of California, Davis where she completed her practicum with the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine.  Her interestes include environmental health, health equity and health promotion among vulernable populations, including children.  She currently works as a Cal-EIS Fellow through her work at the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD).  Read on to learn how Melissa incoporates climate and health solutions in her work.

Each week, Climate for Health shares the past week’s most interesting and useful climate stories.

Each week, Climate for Health shares the past week’s most interesting and useful climate stories.

On this week's blog, Dr. Georges Benjamin, Executive Director of the American Public Health Association, shares his brief thoughts on how Summit participants, APHA, and everyday citizens can step up their commitment on climate and health solutions.

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October is Children's Environmental Health Month and October 12th is Children's Environmental Health Day, a day set aside to spread awareness of and promote action on preventing harmful environmental health exposures among children.  This week Kristie Trousdale of Children's Environmental Health Network discusses environmental health impacts among children and actions we all can take this month and beyond to promote and protect children's health.

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