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Each week, Climate for Health shares the past week’s most interesting and useful climate stories.

On this week's blog, Dr. Georges Benjamin, Executive Director of the American Public Health Association, shares his brief thoughts on how Summit participants, APHA, and everyday citizens can step up their commitment on climate and health solutions.

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October is Children's Environmental Health Month and October 12th is Children's Environmental Health Day, a day set aside to spread awareness of and promote action on preventing harmful environmental health exposures among children.  This week Kristie Trousdale of Children's Environmental Health Network discusses environmental health impacts among children and actions we all can take this month and beyond to promote and protect children's health.

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This month's Champion is Aubree Thelen.  Aubree is a policy professional based in Louisiana who has expertise in a variety of public health topics, including violence prevention, cancer, tobacco, obesity, complete streets and paid leave policy work. Read on to see how she incorporates climate and health solutions into her work.

This is the Year of Climate Change and Health, a 12-month American Public Health Association-led initiative with monthly themes meant to raise awareness of and mobilize action on the health impacts of climate change. In September, APHA focuses on Extreme Weather. Climate for Health Program Director Leyla McCurdy was recently asked to contribute a blog post on the topic to APHA's Public Health Newswire.  Here is her contribution.

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This weekend marks the conclusion of Climate Week 2017, which coincided with the meeting of the U.N.

Each week, Climate for Health shares the past week’s most interesting and useful climate stories.