As a Climate for Health leader you can inspire others on climate solutions to protect their well-being and nurture a healthy future.



Create Your Communications Strategy

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Preparing a communications plan can help you successfully build support, sustain momentum, and ensure that each step you take opens the door to even greater possibilities. We’ll help you integrate your work on climate solutions within your facility’s existing communications and provide suggestions for additional opportunities to get the word out. Whether you engage others through events, bulletins, newsletters, social media, or other forms of communication, our resources can help guide your efforts.

A successful communications plan builds support, sustains momentum, and opens doors to greater possibilities for your climate leadership. With a plan, and your Climate Change Purpose Statement and Storyline, you can:

  • Help stakeholders understand why leadership on climate solutions is mission critical for protecting and promoting health.
  • Harness your climate leadership to engage your community, peers, and other health leaders.
  • Recruit new doctors, nurses, and staff who prefer to work somewhere with a strong environmental record.
  • Open up new funding potential to funders who prefer to finance climate-friendly organizations.
  • Inspire doctors, nurses, staff, patients, and community members on climate solutions (and helping you to achieve them).

Part of a good communications strategy is learning how to tell your story effectively. A good story communicates both your commitment to health and climate leadership and invites your doctors, nurses, staff, and community members to become part of the solution. For guidance on crafting your story, see Create your Climate Change Purpose Statement and Storyline.

Learn how the following institutions used storytelling  as a part of their communications strategy: