As a Climate for Health leader you can inspire others on climate solutions to protect their well-being and nurture a healthy future.




You can play a key role in inspiring others to recognize the importance of caring for health in caring for our climate. Each step below will connect you to numerous tools and resources that will support you as you engage others on climate solutions. Be sure to also include steps from our Tools to Make an Impact section.

We will help you make the case for climate solutions within your institution by helping your create and communicate your purpose and storyline.   > Get resources
Through the Path to Positive pledge, you make a public commitment to inspire others to care about climate change and take simple steps to becoming part of the solution.   > Get resources
Build a strong climate solutions team to provide a source of ideas, inspiration, and support as you make climate solutions an integral part of your facility or organization’s priorities.   > Get resources
Create a communications strategy to keep climate solutions in front of your stakeholders with an innovative and inspiring plan to share ideas, communicate progress, and celebrate success.   > Get resources
There is nothing more powerful than a great speech. Here we provide tips, tools and resources to help you craft a speech to inspire and empower others to start the conversation on how and why climate and health are interconnected.   > Get resources
There are many steps you can take to incorporate climate solutions into your events. Guest lecturers, lobby events and net zero waste events are just a start.   > Get resources
As a leader bringing forth climate change solutions within your institution, you serve as a role model for others. You now have a unique opportunity to inspire your peers to join you.   > Get resources