As a Climate for Health leader you can inspire others on climate solutions to protect their well-being and nurture a healthy future.



Make the Path to Positive Pledge

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One of the first steps you can take to lead on climate change is to make the Path to Positive pledge. Before making it, many leaders choose to first build internal support to ensure a successful rollout of climate solutions in their organizations. Climate for Health offers a number of resources to help you in the “Get Started” step.

By pledging to get on the Path to Positive, you will become a member of the Climate for Health network of leaders who, like you, are ready to ensure a healthy future. Membership is free and easy and you’ll receive the support you need to fulfill your commitment to lead by example and inspire others on climate solutions.

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Dr. Jerry Williams
I pledge to get on the path to positive, and become a member of the Climate for Health network of leaders to to ensure a healthy future through Climate Change Sundays and dissimulating information.internally to church congregation.
Mr. Sheikh K Dukuly II
Our health and environment are intricately intertwined. Promoting a healthy and sustainable environment translates into healthy living for all of us. As a research intern with particular emphasis on disaster preparedness and health promotion, i am pledging my fullest commitment to engaging my leadership here at the Health Bureau and will also incorporate actionable items about climate and health during my capstone research in Liberia, West Africa.
Dr. M.Muzaherul Huq
Healthy environment contributes in protecting health of our people.With carbon & other pollutions our planet is warming, resulting floods, droughts,rise of sea levels & salinity resulting crop loss. Cyclone, tidal bores, storms causes human loss & injuries as well as loss of shelter & other properties. All these lead to poverty & lessens the affordability of safe food & health care. Our obligation is to join hands together & go for action. We are to protect the environment & take our nations on a path to a positive future for us & our future generations to come.