As a Climate for Health leader you can inspire others on climate solutions to protect their well-being and nurture a healthy future.



Fact Sheets

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Created in collaboration with APHA and our supporting partners, these Fact Sheets summarize the information presented in our 2016 Making the Connection: Climate Changes Health webinar series. Each 1-page resource includes:

  • Background information on the connection between climate change and the specified health topic
  • An infographic
  • A short case study
  • Action items and available resources

Please feel free to distribute the sheets to your colleagues and patients, make them available in your medical offices, or share on your social platforms.


Climate Changes Mental Health

The American Public Health Association, ecoAmerica, and The American Psychological Association

Watch the webinar.



Changing Climate through Healthy Community Design and Transportation

The American Public Health Association, ecoAmerica, and the American College of Sports Medicine

Watch the webinar.