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Boost Recycling, Minimize Waste and Improve Disposal

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The opportunities for more effective waste management are numerous. Hospitals and health systems currently produce an astonishing 11.7 thousand tons of waste each day providing significant opportunity for improvement via effective waste management strategies.

In addition to recycling bottles, cans, and paper, the following can also be recycled: furniture, equipment, supplies, cardboard, metals, plastic, and glass. Composting has also become accessible, manageable, and a great way to dispose of food and other compostable waste. 

Effective waste management comes with many benefits:

  • Cost Savings
    Surprisingly, a good portion of U.S. medical waste is generated by unopened and unused supplies going into the waste stream. A waste management system can help an organization prevent unnecessary waste. An additional benefit is the value in having the public see recycling receptacles as a visible testimony to the importance of environmental health.

  • Health and Safety Benefits
    Developing and implementing a comprehensive waste management program ensures that staff will know and follow proper disposal requirements, leading to a healthier, safer environment.
  • Environmental Benefits
    Waste management initiatives minimize the amount of waste going to landfills, being incinerated, or winding up in water sources. More efficient and effective disposal increases environmental cleanliness and reduces the pollution that causes poor air quality and climate change. 

Our tools and resources can help your facility find step-by-step guidance and information needed to reduce, reuse, recycle and segregate waste more effectively. Practice Greenhealth offers a wealth of tools and resources to assist health care facilities in tracking, managing, and minimizing waste streams.

The Sustainability Roadmap’s Waste Management resource is designed to help facilities design a customized short- and/or long-term waste management plan to achieve waste reduction goals. And, for quick tips to get started, the roadmap can also help you launch easy-to-implement projects today.

  • Save Money
  • Build Community
  • Good Steward

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