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Produce or Purchase Renewable Energy

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Once you’ve improved energy efficiency and reduced emissions, discover how renewable energy can power your facility and help you achieve cleaner energy goals.

Renewable energy sources are power sources generated from naturally replenished resources such as solar or wind. Using renewable energy means burning fewer fossil fuels, fewer carbon emissions, and reductions in pollution-induced allergies and illnesses.  

There are many ways to finance a renewable energy system in your hospital or facility. You can buy or lease the needed equipment on your own or in partnership with other facilities. Many utilities and companies offer green power programs that allow the purchase of a portion of your electricity from renewable sources through renewable energy credits (RECs) or carbon offsets from local, national, or international sources. 

Start by assessing your energy needs, consult with a renewable energy specialist, and check with your local municipality or utility company to determine your best options. features a Green Power Locator to get information about the green power options closest to you. You may find you are eligible for green power rebates and incentives that help increase your savings.

Powered by renewable energy, your office, facility, or hospital will be a powerful example to your patients, community, local officials, and utility leaders and can showcase the benefits that accompany renewable power investments. To learn more, explore the tools and resources offered below.

  • Save Money
  • Good Steward
  • Be Prepared