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Promote Sustainable Transportation

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Transportation may not be a typical sustainability concern for a medical facility. But, the benefits of encouraging and enabling lower-emission transport begin to elevate its utility and importance. In addition to significantly reducing the air pollution created by individual cars transporting your patients and staff to and from your facility, the following are additional benefits. Encouraging employees to use public transit and cycle or walk to work can provide benefits ranging from reduced traveling costs to healthier, happier employees.

  • Carpooling and ridesharing reduce fuel costs and can lead to community building and social networking.
  • Public transportation can be less stressful than driving in congested city traffic, and contributes to cleaner air.
  • Teleworking, flexible schedules, and virtual meetings are also options to reduce pressures on parking spaces and traffic congestion. 
  • Employees who use mass transit as an alternative to driving alone tend to walk more each day.

Healthy employees are simply more productive! Review’s helpful 5-step guide to getting started with your own alternative transportation plan.

  • Save Money
  • Good Steward
  • Improve Health