As a Climate for Health leader you can inspire others on climate solutions to protect their well-being and nurture a healthy future.



“Let's Lead on Climate”

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Hear from local community, health, and faith leaders across the U.S. who are successfully engaging their constituents in programs and initiatives that promote climate leadership, action, and solutions. Each success story offers useful guidance and key recommendations to help you take the first steps towards leading on climate.

"After developing her climate and health curriculum, and gaining momentum with it, [Adelita] Cantu pursued another goal: working towards social justice within San Antonio. 'One of my concerns is the set of social determinants of health, particularly with vulnerable populations. Another is environmental justice, because it’s going to be the people that are the most vulnerable, the low-income people of color, that will be impacted most by climate change.' Cantu collaborated with several San Antonio non-profits to bring her climate and health knowledge forward, and provide an outlet for action."


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