Americans Agree That Climate Action is Needed: Now, Let’s Act

By path2positive

A recent Monmouth University poll found that not only do the majority of Americans believe in climate change, but are in favor of government action to reduce it. 64 percent of poll respondents are in favor of action. We all know just how hard it is to get Americans to agree on anything, which is why the results of this poll are momentous. Since "government action" is easier said than done and putting clean air and climate solutions in place could take years, Climate for Health isn't waiting.

Tony MacDonald, director of Monmouth University’s Urban Coast Institute, which conducted the poll with the university’s polling institute, said in the article below: “The concern is how we are going to come up with the plans to actually start reducing our impacts in the future and mitigate the impact on communities.”

Health professionals are coming together to glean key messaging strategies and talk about climate change with their audiences, and to learn which institutional advances they can best support. Won't you join us?

Poll: Majority Support Action to Stop Climate Change

Asbury Park Press

By Kala Kachmar I January 5, 2016

Most Americans acknowledge climate change and believe it’s leading to higher sea levels and more extreme weather patterns, according to a Monmouth University Poll released Tuesday.

About 60 percent believe it’s a "very" or "somewhat" serious problem and another 64 percent say they’re in favor of government action to reduce the activities that lead to climate change and sea level rise, according to the poll.

“There’s a strong consensus of the problem and the need to take action,” said Tony MacDonald, director of Monmouth University’s Urban Coast Institute, which conducted the poll with the university’s polling institute.

About 70 percent believe the climate is changing, while 22 percent don't and 8 percent are unsure.

The poll also shows that there’s still a major political divide on the issue. About 43 percent of Republicans don’t believe climate change is happening at all, compared to 17 percent of independents and 10 percent Democrats.

Democrats and independents are also more likely than Republicans to support government action, according to the poll.

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