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Each week, Climate for Health shares the past week’s most interesting and useful climate stories. Check in to learn about major developments in climate and health, new findings in climate research, and effective solutions for addressing climate change.


“The right to a climate system capable of sustaining human life is fundamental to a free and ordered society.”

Cities, states, and kids sue to stop climate change by Brent Gregston, WhoWhatWhy


Tesla program promotes the co-benefits of solar power for low-income communities, including reduced pollution, affordable energy, and job opportunities.

Tesla donates solar panels to power 150 US low-income households by Matt D'Angelo, TeslaRati

In the 1950s, Farmers came together over their concern about the impact of nuclear testing on weather.  Can they do the same over climate change?

How farmers convinced scientists to take climate change seriously by Justin McBrien, The Washington Post

Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey's intensification as it made land fall was unprecedented.  How much was climate change to blame?

Did Climate Change Intensify Hurricane Harvey? by Robinson Meyer, The Atlantic

Local leaders and developers weren't prepared for Harvey's aftermath in Houston.  Here are four steps they can take to withstand future flooding disasters.

Analysis: Four things Houston-area leaders must do to prevent future flooding disasters by Kiah Collier and Neena Satija, The Texas Tribune

Despite rising flood waters, Houston-area hospitals continued to operate.

EHRs at Houston hospitals remain resilient against Hurricane Harvey by Greg Slabodkin, Health Data Management

Just before Hurricane Harvey, the Trump Administration revoked bi-partisan Obama-era standard requiring hospitals and other federal infrastructure projects to factor in scientific projections for the impacts of climate change, such as flooding.

Just Before Harvey, Trump Admin Revoked Rules Requiring New Infrastructure to be Climate Resilient by Free Speech TV

Well-informed discussions about climate change are essential following events like Hurricane Harvey.

The media today: Harvey and climate change, a discussion worth having by Pete Vernon, Columbia Journalism Review


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