Climate and Health News: Top Stories for the Week of December 23-30

By path2positive

New year, new feature! We know how busy health professionals are, so each Monday morning, the Climate for Health blog will catch you up by posting at least half a dozen of the previous week’s top stories, plus reminders of upcoming events. We will continue to publish original blog content by noon each Thursday.



This final week of 2016 was ripe with year-end wrap-ups, providing perspective that can help launch us into 2017.

Obama releases state-of-the-climate-science report ahead of new administration. (Inside Climate News)

2016 was an historic year for environmental justice. (Environmental Heath News)

The climate change news that stuck with us in 2016 (The New York Times)

Five U.S. cities at the forefront of the fight against climate change (Reuters news wire)

In the innovative solutions category, this story focused on talking about our food choices:

New project aims to lure people away from meat, to a climate-healthier diet  (Inside Climate News)

And research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences provides insight into climate denial-ism.

Climate change skepticism fueled by gut reaction to local weather (ClimateWire via Scientific American)


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