Climate and Health News: Top Stories for the Week of February 12-18, 2017

By path2positive

Last week's Climate Change and Health Meeting dominated headlines.  Hosted by former Vice President Al Gore, the event was held on February 16 at the Carter Center in Atlanta.  In the course of the day, attendees (including ecoAmerica president Bob Perkowitz and Climate for Health Senior Program Director Jennifer Tabola) were enriched by four in-depth panel discussions, four special keynote speeches -- and a surprise visit from former President Jimmy Carter. 

Though the facts on climate and health were sobering, the solutions were encouraging. As V.P. Gore concluded, "We have to take stock of what is going on in D.C. and dig deep, double down, and decide we are going to WIN."

The conference was simulcast. For highlights, check our Twitter feed @climate4health. You can also view the entire proceedings here.


Speaking of events on February 16, ecoAmerica's Path to Positive Communities also held its "Let's Talk Communities and Climate" webinar that day. Download the new report here and view the one-hour webinar here.


Also this week, scientific research confirmed humanity's role in changing the climate:

Study: Humans causing climate to change 170 times faster than natural forces by Melissa L. Davey, The Guardian


Fortunately, we're heading toward a clean-energy economy: 

U.S. solar surged 95% to become largest source of new energy by Chris Martin, Bloomberg


Will our government help or hinder efforts to protect climate and health? That depends in part on what becomes of the federal Environmental Protection Agency and international climate agreements.

GOP bill would gut EPA by Timothy Cama, The Hill

Good luck killing the EPA by Eric Roston, Bloomberg

Trump would face legal battle for dumping UN climate change treaty by Hannah Hess, E&E News 


Meanwhile, state and local governments, and their residents, are on the case:

L.A.’s mayor wants to lower the city’s temperature. These scientists are figuring out how to do it by Deborah Netburn, Los Angeles Times

How cities can stand up to climate change by Alissa Walker, Curbed

Looking ahead, the American Public Health Association will be holding a webinar, "Climate Justice Changes Health: Local, Tribal, Global, and Generational." It's on February 27; register now! 

And if you wonder what else is happening during APHA’s Year of Climate Change and Health, just check the monthly calendar here.

See you Thursday with a blog on Climate for Health's exciting new partnership with Alliances of Nurses for Healthy Environments!


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