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Every Monday, Climate for Health shares the past week’s most interesting and useful climate stories. Check in to learn about major developments in climate and health, new findings in climate research, and effective solutions for addressing climate change.


As scientists become increasingly aware of how interdependent- and prone to drought and famine- the global food system is, residents and city officials fight against time to save a world treasure from sinking beneath rising seas

"Maize, rice, wheat: alarm at rising climate risk to vital crops" by Robin McKie, The Guardian

"Climate change challenges sinking city of Venice" by Christopher Livesay, PBS NewsHour


Meanwhile progress continues as advances in technology and new discoveries expand the reach of renewable energy and sustainable transportation solutions

"Sea change: Gulf Coast wind farms become vital to Texas energy mix" by Ryan Maye Handy, Houston Chronicle

"Tesla CEO Elon Musk Says Regular Cars Will be Like Horses in 20 Years" by Nick Lucchesi,

And local communities continue to take responsibility for their carbon emissions and the waste they produce while the federal government waivers

"New Jersey Is Cutting Food Waste to Help the Climate" by Bobby Magill, Climate Central.  ("...if food waste were a country, it would be the world’s third-largest climate polluter after China and the U.S., according to the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization.")

"Fighting climate change can boost jobs, cut inequality - New York mayor" by Sophie Hares, Reuters

As a glimmer of hope for bipartisan solutions persists

"Is a Conservative Climate Movement Heating Up?" by Marianne Lavelle, InsideClimate News


And Americans- and a familiar voice- continue to speak "Truth to Power"

"Minneapolis Joins Other Cities In Posting Deleted EPA Climate Change Data", CBS Minnesota

"'An Inconvenient Sequel' Is An Effective, Cautiously Optimistic, 'I Told You So'" by Bob Mondello, NPR

"Al Gore Invites Faith Leaders to Openly Discuss the 'Inconvenient' Reality of Climate Change" by Nichole Tucker, Blessed Tomorrow, ecoAmerica


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