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The dangers posed by a changing climate are pervasive, from threats to our individual health from vector-based disease to inequality and disruptions to our food supply at the national and global levels

"How climate change helped Lyme disease invade America" by Julia Belluz, Vox

"Vulnerable ‘chokepoints’ threaten global food supply, warns report" by Damian Carrington, The Guardian

"Climate change will make America way more economically unequal—just look at these charts" by Ari Phillips, Project Earth

But solutions are many as well and the healthcare sector is leading the way...

"Boston’s health care sector is on front line of climate readiness" by Kate Walsh and David Torchiana, The Boston Globe

"Why a Telemedicine Group Launched a Task Force on Climate Change" by Ernie Smith, Associations Now

...along with local communities and dedicated individuals

"Hundreds of US mayors endorse switch to 100% renewable energy by 2035" by Associated Press, The Guardian

"States Betting on Giant Batteries to Cut Carbon" by Bobby Magill, Climate Central

"In Cleveland, climate change isn't about rising seas. It's about jobs and health." by Jason Margolis, PRI

"Trump Inspires Scientist to Run for Congress to Fight Climate Change" by Chelsea Bailey and Matt Toder, NBC News

And Americans know the importance of teaching children about the value of healthy, thriving nature for the health of future generations

"Common Ground: Nine in Ten Americans Agree We Should Speak to Our Children About a Future That Has Thriving, Healthy Nature" by Meighen Speiser and Paige Fery, ecoAmerica

Finally, if you didn't get a chance to attend or follow the festivities at ClimateDayLA last week, you can check out our partner Climate Resolve's interviews with two inspiring health speakers from the event on our blog: Rachelle Reyes Wenger of Dignity Health and Nourbese Flint of Black Women for Wellness!


Tim Kelly is the Climate for Health Program Manager at ecoAmerica.  He has over six years of experience working within the health sector conducting outreach and education on the impacts of environment on our health.  If you have comments, questions, ideas, or would like to submit a blog of your own, feel free to contact Tim at


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