Health Professionals: Support the Newly Unveiled Clean Power Plan!

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This week, President Obama rolled out an improved version of the long-awaited Clean Power Plan. Not only does the new plan suggest we move onto clean, safe, healthy solar and wind power, but it provides incentives to do so, doesn't include nuclear power, and does not incentivize natural gas as a replacement for coal. Three cheers for the new plan! As Physicians for Social Responsibility explains below, the new plan will have a direct impact on health improvements, but will not be as successful without our support. Now that the Clean Power Plan has been unveiled, the voices of health professionals will be key to educating communities about public health dangers surrounding climate change. ecoAmerica's report, Connecting on Climate: A Guide to Effective Climate Communication, offers readers a better understanding of American responses to climate change and gives some explanations about how people can better communicate with and engage the American public on the issue.

The EPA’s Final Clean Power Plan Was Unveiled this Week with Improvements

Physicians for Social Responsibility

August 3, 2015

For the first time, we as a nation are putting limits on the carbon pollution that drives climate change. Under the Clean Power Plan, each state will reduce carbon emissions from electricity generation, primarily by replacing coal combustion – a major source of carbon pollution – with solar energy and wind power.

By implementing the Clean Power Plan, by 2030 we will actually cut carbon pollution by 32% compared to 2005 levels. The improved version of the Plan has some new elements:

  • It provides incentives for truly clean energy – solar and wind.
  • Nuclear power is not included in the energy mix.
  • While the plan allows for natural gas as a replacement for coal, it doesn’t incentivize this fossil fuel option.

Transitioning from coal to clean renewable energy sources will result in significant gains for health. Not only will it protect us from the health threats associated with climate change, but will protect us from the “silent epidemic” of asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lung cancer, heart attacks and stroke associated with burning coal. By replacing coal with solar and wind, we help clean the air and avoid thousands of cases of disease. 

By implementing the Clean Power Plan, we can improve America’s health, reduce climate change, and save lives. Click here to send this urgent message to your governor. Thank you for helping us build a cooler, healthier future.



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