Kaiser Permanente Leads the Way: Green Power for Good Health

By path2positive

Isn't prevention of disease preferable to a cure? Why is it, then, that medical professionals - those who hold sacred the Hippocratic Oath - have not historically focused on climate solutions?

As Tony McMichael, Emeritus Professor at Australian National University has said: "Where we've struggled is to have the community and decision-makers understand that the wellbeing, health, and physical survival of human populations is, sooner or later, the bottom line in all the adverse effects of climate change.”

Today, a major leader in healthcare in the United States is stepping up to the plate. Kaiser Permanente has committed to reducing their greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2017. This is no small step. By choosing to advance their green power portfolio, they are not only sending a signal to others in the health care industry that greening the health sector is possible, but they are, quite literally, reducing disease and improving human health. Climate for Health is proud to partner with Kaiser Permanente. We encourage leaders like you to engage your health institutions in climate solutions, and have plenty of resources to support you along the way. To access Kaiser Permanente's infographic which details their wind and solar energy strategy, click here.

Kaiser Permanente Makes Major Wind and Solar Energy Purchases

OAKLAND, Calif. (Feb. 18, 2015) — Concerned about climate change and its threat to human health, Kaiser Permanente today said it will purchase enough renewable energy to provide half of the electricity it uses in California and reduce its greenhouse gas emissions nationwide by 30 percent.

Greenhouse gas emissions are a known contributor to climate change and the rise of pollution and disease. In 2012, Kaiser Permanente adopted a national sustainable energy policy and launched an ambitious strategy to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent by 2020 (compared to 2008 levels).

Already a leading user of green power, Kaiser Permanente has agreed to support the construction and operation of three new renewable energy projects that will come online in 2016 and generate 590 million kilowatt hours of power a year. That’s equivalent to the amount of electricity used by more than 82,000 American homes a year.

The renewable energy projects will make Kaiser Permanente one of the top users of green power in the country and will allow the health care system to achieve its greenhouse gas reduction goal three years earlier than promised.

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