Nurses Propose a Faith-Health Alliance for Justice

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Just as two parents with a unified message have more success disciplining their child, so do social movements who align themselves with each other. That's what Global Nurses United has in mind as it reaches out to Pope Francis. The international organization is comprised of nurses and healthcare worker unions in 18 nations around the world, including National Nurses United. Through a petition, they are requesting time with Pope Francis during his visit to the United States this September. The network of nurses hopes to address critical issues on the health effects of climate change, environmental degradation, and austerity — and are escalating the call for health as a human right. Climate for Health, with a health-based audience, and Blessed Tomorrow, representing the faith constituency, recognize the importance of reaching out to various sectors when it comes to collaborating on climate solutions.

Nurses Invite Pope Francis to Meet on U.S. Visit to Discuss Health Effects of Climate, Environment Crisis

Global Nurses United Press Release I July 22, 2015

Petition Proposes Faith-Nurse Alliance for Healthcare Justice

Leaders of unions representing leading nurses and other healthcare workers in 18 countries from every major continent are requesting a meeting with Pope Francis during his upcoming visit to the U.S. to discuss ways to work together to combat the alarming health effects of the climate crisis and other environmental degradation.

In an online petition posted today, Global Nurses United, including the U.S. based National Nurses United, the largest U.S. organization of nurses, is requesting an audience with Pope Francis to discuss:

How nurses and the Vatican can work together to confront the adverse health effects of the climate crisis, environmental degradation, and austerity.
Building an international alliance of nurses and faith leaders to work for more just societies, including recognition that health is a universal human right.

View the petition here.

The impetus for the request derives from both the Pope’s recent encyclical on the climate crisis, and the activism of nurses across the globe calling for action to confront the harmful effects, especially on public health, of climate change and a wide range of environmental ills.

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