Prevention Advisory Group Forms Resolution Acknowledging Impact of Climate Change on Health

By path2positive

The National Prevention Council, chaired by the Surgeon General, has created an Advisory Group on Prevention, Health Promotion, and Integrative and Public Health. This Presidentially appointed Prevention Advisory Group works with partners throughout the nation and advises the National Prevention Council in developing public, private, and nonprofit partnerships that will leverage opportunities to improve our nation’s health.

In December of 2015, the Prevention Advisory Group formed a resolution acknowledging the dramatic impact of climate change on the health of Americans. Included in the resolution is: "That threat is not abstract: we already are witnessing the direct effects of climate change on the health of Americans such as increased respiratory illness due to heightened air pollution, new infections disease outbreaks and health threats caused by increased natural disasters.  The health impact of climate change is disproportionately felt by vulnerable populations.  Unless brought under control the direct health effects will only increase in frequency and magnitude.  Further, the indirect health effects from a changing environment due to climate change - from its impact on water supplies and agriculture to food production, to name a few- also pose major threats."

An increasingly diverse set of federal agencies, including the White House, have been addressing their responsibilities related to climate change. Health professionals need to lead the way in this dialogue. Why? Because, as the resolution states, "Addressing climate change is a high-priority public health issue critical to the future of our nation’s health and well-being."

National Prevention Council

Office of the Surgeon General

The National Prevention Council, created through the Affordable Care Act, comprises 20 federal departments, agencies and offices and is chaired by the Surgeon General. The National Prevention Council developed the National Prevention Strategy with input from the Prevention Advisory Group, stakeholders, and the public.

One year after the release of the National Prevention Strategy, the Council released the National Prevention Council Action Plan, which builds from the vision, goal, recommendations, and actions of the landmark National Prevention Strategy. This Action Plan highlights important opportunities that the National Prevention Council and its diverse member departments—representing sectors such as housing, transportation, education, environment, and defense—are creating to ensure the health, well-being, and resilience of the American people.


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