September 30th Webinar Offers Health Professionals Strategies to Talk about Climate Change

By path2positive

On September 30th from 1pm to 2pm ET, our research team will present a free webinar to give attendees and in-depth look at our new communications guide, Let’s Talk Health and Climate, and we invite you to join us.

Let’s Talk Health and Climate: Communication Guidance for Health Professionals is designed for experienced and novice climate change and health communicators alike. This guide synthesizes the latest academic research and message testing on climate communications into a practical guide to support meaningful discussion of climate change and health with individuals and groups.

Let’s Talk Health and Climate combines research, communications, and specific messaging into a single resource, so you can learn how to create messaging that resonates with the health and healthcare audience. Our research shows that Americans trust health and healthcare professionals more than any other source of leadership. Health providers are in a unique position to talk about climate solutions, and Climate for Health aims to help you get that message across.

Inside the guide, you'll find specific language to employ, messaging from trusted leaders, and a stepwise process that gives examples of how to cultivate an effective voice. We encourage you to join us for the webinar to gain a deeper understanding of our research and communications guidance.

The webinar will give you an opportunity to:

  • Learn how to craft messages tailored to your particular audience
  • Design effective communications using research-tested words and phrases
  • Gain a deeper understanding of how health professionals can engage others on climate solutions
  • Participate in a live Q&A session with our research team
  • Let’s Talk Health and Climate combines values research and messaging techniques into a single resource, created specifically for health and healthcare professionals.

Now is the time for health professionals to elevate climate leadership throughout our organizations, communities, and nation. Health can be a game-changing driver for climate solutions.

Learn more and register here.


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