What No One Tells You About Climate Action

By path2positive

There's not much of a reason to state your political opinions if you work in the healthcare field. Evidently, now you won't cross any political lines if you talk about climate change in the workplace anyway. As Market Watch reports below, a new public opinion research poll shows that a strong majority of Americans, including Democrats and Republicans alike, back an agenda of clean water, clean air, health safeguards and action on climate change.

"The message from our surveys is abundantly clear," said Jay Campbell, senior vice president of Hart Research Associates. "Residents in these states—reflecting the attitudes of people across the country—favor policies that protect public health and the environment in a host of areas.  And in most of these areas there is more agreement across party lines than dissention."

You probably don't need to be convinced that the time to work on climate solutions is now. You may have been wondering, however, if and how to engage in this topic at your institution, office or organization. As the results of poll indicate, climate action is not only a health issue, it is a not nonpartisan one. Check out all of the great resources that Climate for Health has to offer to get you and your healthcare team on the Path to Positive.

New Bipartisan Poll: Americans Embrace Climate Action, Clean Energy & Health Protections

By Market Watch, January 22, 2015

Majorities in Maine, New Hampshire, Virginia, Florida and Colorado back an agenda of clean water, clean air, health safeguards and action on climate change

WASHINGTON, Jan. 22, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- With President Obama and the new GOP-controlled Congress facing showdowns over climate change, and health and environmental safeguards, new public opinion research shows that a strong majority of Americans in five key states support existing protections and many -- including many Republicans -- favor tougher environmental enforcement.

Further, Americans in Colorado, Florida, Maine, New Hampshire and Virginia back the president's climate and clean energy initiatives and oppose an agenda in the 114th Congress to roll back environmental regulations, weaken air and water protections and block climate action, according to the research conducted for the Natural Resources Defense Council by the bipartisan polling team of Hart Research Associates and American Viewpoint.

"Americans are speaking out: they strongly side with the president's commitment to deliver a safer and healthier planet for our children," said Franz Matzner, associate director of government affairs at NRDC. "And they're clearly against the new congressional majority's fossil-fueled agenda to unravel decades of health and environmental protections, and block action on climate change. The bottom line is Americans don't want dirty energy; instead, they're calling for clean energy, health safeguards and steady resolve to protect our future from dangerous climate change."

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