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Join health leaders from across the nation to lead by example and engage others on climate solutions. Together, we can foster solutions that will lead to a healthy, safe and flourishing world for all.

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Together, we can put America on a path to a positive future that will protect our families and communities, create prosperity and strengthen our security. We are compelled to act because carbon pollution is warming our planet and profoundly impacting America and the world. We have a moral obligation to take action today and build a sustainable future for generations to come. 


Together, we can:

  • Create a positive energy future
  • Improve people’s health
  • Build shared, sustainable prosperity
  • Prepare for harmful impacts
  • Involve all Americans

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vision, principles and pledge.


Together, we will lead by example and engage others in climate solutions.

Engagement - We will build support for climate solutions by inspiring and empowering our organizations and communities with actionable information and tools.

Impact - We will maximize energy efficiency, use more clean, renewable energy and take other actions that help restore a healthy atmosphere. 

Newest Leaders on the Path to Positive

Brianna Carrier

Public Health Program Coordinator, National Indian Health Board

Eric Goplerud

Chair , Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions

Dr. Mary Beth Mannarino

Associate Professor, Chatham University

Dr. Ed Maibach

Director, George Mason University Center for Climate Change Communication

Mrs. karen jackson

Steering committee & retired pediatric nurse practitioner, citizens' climate lobby

Sue Gunderson

Executive Director, CLEARCorps USA

Dr. janet eddy

medical director, bon secours care-a-van

Dr. Phil Polakoff

Consulting Professor, Stanford University School of Medicine

Mr. Claire Bleymaier

Program Coordinator , The Health Trust

Dr. Jayshree Chander

Founder, Beyond Holistic


Join Climate for Health, a national council of health leaders and institutions committed to advancing climate solutions to protect the health and well being of Americans.

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