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September 20, 2023 | Events

National Climate + Health Forum 2023

The National Health + Climate Forum on September 20, 2023, brought together national, state, and local leaders from across health disciplines to share the latest updates, best practices, and opportunities for engagement, collaborate on strategies to accelerate climate action and advocacy, and commit to just and equitable climate solutions that protect health — locally and nationally.

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Mental Health and Our Changing Climate: Children and Youth Report 2023

The Mental Health and Our Changing Climate: Children and Youth Report chronicles the effects of climate change on children’s mental health, the structural inequities that lead to some populations bearing greater impacts, and solutions to support the mental health of children and youth on the individual and community level.


American Climate Leadership Summit 2022

Did you miss a session at the American Climate Leadership Summit 2022 (ACLS 2022)? You can watch the session recordings on ecoAmerica’s YouTube channel! ACLS 2022 may have been in March but the conversations live on — and there’s a lot to learn. Check it out!


American Climate Leadership Summit 2021 Recommendations Report

The 2021 American Climate Leadership Summit may be over but the sessions and the learnings live on. Every session covered the themes of AMBITION, RESTORATION, and JUSTICE while providing guidance for action. Access the ACLS 2021 Recommendations Report now, featuring links to all the recordings, to dive deeper into the discussions had and innovations shared. And, let’s follow the recommendations to work better together driving local climate action with a national purpose.


American Climate Leadership Summit 2020

Enjoy our American Climate Leadership Summit 2020 (ACLS 2020) Recap including links to all the session videos! Please share it with your social networks, coworkers, and friends who are concerned but not acting on climate — action on climate change, including climate restoration and climate justice, has never been more critical.

ACLS 2019


American Climate Leadership Summit 2019

On May 1-2, 2019, innovators from across the US, representing a multitude of constituencies, collaborated on strategies to expand and accelerate leadership to restore our climate. This included making public commitments to climate mitigation and advocacy, so we can boldly move the needle on solutions now, in 2020, and beyond.


2018 National Climate and Health Leadership Forum

Climate for Health welcomed more than 50 health organization and thought leaders to the National Climate and Health Leadership Forum on May 15 in Washington, DC. Co-hosted by the American Psychological Association, the forum brought leaders together to make commitments to greater climate mitigation and advocacy. This summary report includes the highlights and ideas from the event.

ACLS 2016


American Climate Leadership Summit 2016

Held September 14-15 in Washington, DC., this event brought together 200+ diverse, CEO-level leaders from business, health, faith, higher education, communities, government, culture, philanthropy, and climate.


2015 Leadership Summit Report

180 national leaders from across sectors met in Washington, D.C. in May for the annual ecoAmerica Leadership Summit. Energized by the potential to accelerate climate solutions, the attendees collaborated and ranked their best ideas on building leadership and public support for meaningful action. This report features highlights of the event.

ACLS 2017


American Climate Leadership Summit 2017

On October 25 and 26, ecoAmerica brought together 300 diverse national leaders from across sectors and society to the National Press Club in Washington, DC.


National Latino Climate Leadership Forum

On June 17, 2016, more than 75 prominent Latino leaders gathered to share ideas for accelerating American Latino climate leadership. This report offers specific recommendations for strengthening collaboration, expanding engagement to key audiences, and increasing funding for all organizations working to engage Latinos on climate.


2015 Climate For Health: National Leadership Convening

Climate for Health, Health Care Without Harm, and the U.S. Climate and Health Alliance brought together over 70 leaders from across the country to this first-of-its-kind convening in April 2015. Over 2 days, they engaged in conversations and strategic planning to discuss a united and effective health-sector response to climate change.


2014 Path to Positive: MomentUs Leadership Summit

In May 2014, 140 national leaders from the health, business, higher education, faith, communities and stewardship sectors gathered in Chicago to share thoughts, generate new ideas, and collaborate on moving America forward on climate solutions.


2012: Changing Seasons, Changing Lives

This summit convened nearly 100 climate and sustainability leaders, innovative social science and communication experts, and leaders from a diverse array of other sectors for a structured day of learning and strategy. Together, they explored ways to inspire Americans to prepare for and prevent further risks brought about by climate change.

Change of Atmosphere 2011


2011: Change of Atmosphere

This one-day, invitation-only summit brought together the brightest, most innovative behavior change and climate communication leaders to share the latest research and best practices, devise strategies, and forge further collaborations to change the conversation and engage American hearts and minds on climate.