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With inaction on climate policy at the federal level, hope can at times be at a low ebb for those who care about public health and the environment.  However, a new report by both the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication and Climate for Health partner George Mason University Center for Climate Change Communication, as well as a recent online survey, show how public perceptions of climate change are evolving.

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As the federal government waivers and remains gridlocked on policy to protect the public’s health from the impacts of greenhouse gas emissions, this week marked the launch of a new initiative by the U.S. Climate and Health Alliance, a Climate for Health partner, to tap into the tremendous power that health professionals possess to inspire change.

Catch up with what's been happening in politics, renewable energy, climate advocacy, and more.

Catch up with last week's climate and health news.

This month's Champion is Jason Craig, a PhD student and Research Assistant at the Center for Research in Nutrition and Health Disparities in the Arnold School of Public Health at the University of South Carolina.  Read what he has to say about climate, food and nutrition - and how ecoAmerica helped him to become a better communicator in his work!

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New Climate for Health Program Manager Tim Kelly reflects on his first few weeks on the job.