Recording Available: A Vote for Health is a Vote for Climate

By Rebecca Rehr

In the midst of a global pandemic, with climate disasters raging across the country, many Americans are laser focused on one date: November 3. “The most important thing we can do in this point and time is vote for leaders that care about our health and care about climate…this is the most important election in the history of the world in terms of where we’re going on climate change…” – Dr. Linda Rudolph.

“Climate change and our health, it’s not a Republican, Democrat, Independent thing, right? It’s a PEOPLE thing. We need to listen to what people are saying and ask ourselves the question, ‘Who is going to protect us, our children, those of us who are ill, those of us who are older? All of us.” – Dr. Adrienne Hollis

Our most recent health-focused Let’s Talk Climate episode included specific actions health professionals can take to elevate climate change as an election issue and get out the vote. We can educate candidates, tell our personal stories to connect climate and health impacts, and help ensure healthy voting options for everyone. 

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Resources mentioned during the episode:

Actions for Health Professionals 

Health Voices for Climate Action 

Health Is A Major Motivator for American Climate Action

Open Letter to Candidates developed by the Medical Society Consortium on Climate & Health  

Voter Resources on Climate, Health, & Equity 

Climate for Health Moving Forward Toolkit 

Advocacy During an Election Year – Nonpartisan Advocacy in Partisan Times webinar


Voting and Voting Safely 

ecoAmerica Voter Registration, Voting, and Getting Out the Vote Resources & Links

Defend the Vote for Public Health

The Best Way to Vote in Every State 

Is the Mail Getting Slower? NYT is Tracking It


September is Preparedness Month

Build a ready kit 

NEHA Supports National Preparedness Month

Get Ready for Preparedness Month 2020! (NACCHO)


Additional Engagement Videos and Resources

Environmental Racism, Climate Justice, and Health with Vernice Miller-Travis (definition of syndemic included in our discussion)

More Americans see climate change as a priority, but Democrats are much more concerned than Republicans by Brian Kennedy and Courntey Johnson 

U.S. concern about climate change is rising, but mainly among Democrats by Brian Kennedy  

The People’s Priorities, Examined by Frank Newport 

Wind, rain and a chemical fire. Hurricane Laura was gone but the crisis wasn’t over 

Watch the American Climate Leadership Summit Live Online 

New Research Shows Disproportionate Rate of Coronavirus Deaths in Polluted Areas


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