Climate Impacts Children’s Mental Health: Tools for Support

It is not news that each year millions of people around the world experience mental health illness. How often do we think of the impact climate change has on mental health and what measures have we taken to destigmatize conversations surrounding the topic? In coping with a global pandemic, and more frequent extreme weather events, our need to care for our children and their well-being is of greatest importance.

No Limit Generation is a non-profit organization that has embarked on a journey to educate, inform and raise awareness on issues surrounding mental health issues and the effect it has on youth development. We share a common goal with ecoAmerica to address the effects of climate change on mental health and prompt change today, and for a better future.

Every child wants to be healthy and happy, and every adult can make a life-changing difference in a child’s life to create a safe, inclusive, and healthy environment that will enable their success. When children have the support they need, they will rise and thrive to their full potential.

The question remains, are we doing enough to act boldly and quickly on equitable climate solutions that will ensure the future we want for our children? And, what are we doing now to support children’s mental health in the face of existing changes to our climate?

As of Oct. 13, there were a total of 47,201 wildfires across the country that had burned almost 6.5 million acres. There are 8,604 personnel deployed on 47 large, active fires across the U.S., of these, 28 are uncontained. The average year-to-date is 48,442 fires burning 6.8 million acres. California’s wildfire season escalated tremendously at the beginning of July and continued to increase extensively until the middle of September as temperatures began to plummet when cooler weather led to slowing.

No Limit Generation and Climate for Health are on a mission to address the effects of climate change, and prevent further harm. At NLG, we equip educators, parents, and youth serving professionals with practical, proven, and effective guidance in children’s wellness and mental health to build a community of care and support that allows every child to rise and thrive. You can see some of our previous projects here.

Many children face extreme stress and trauma as a result of losing their homes, schools and loved ones. NLG is determined to leave no stone unturned, with these ongoing mental, physical and financial stressors we are determined to heal our future leaders for a better and more sustained economy. By equipping the caregivers with the critical guidance needed to enhance the quality of care, we aspire to improve the mental health, physical health, resiliency, academic achievement and overall well-being of youth in our communities.

Aobakwe Olerato Phomolo Nkwe is the Chief of Staff at No Limit Generation. To learn more, please visit NLG’s website at

Register here for the launch event of the American Psychological Association & ecoAmerica’s 2021 Mental Health and Our Changing Climate Report.

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