National Children’s Health and Climate Leadership Forum

By Rebecca Rehr

The National Children’s Health and Climate Leadership Forum will bring together more than 100 leaders from organizations dedicated to children’s well-being to increase awareness, inspire action, and build capacity and collaboration to address climate change and children’s health. Hosted online by the American Academy of Pediatrics and ecoAmerica, this invitation-only Forum will feature panels, presentations and working sessions focused on priorities and plans for solutions. 

“Pediatricians, parents and our communities today have an unprecedented opportunity to protect our children and grandchildren. Great challenges bring great opportunities. We can each protect the next generation by working together to prevent dangerous climate change, but to have a real impact we must act now. “

– Samantha Ahdoot, MD, FAAP, lead author of the AAP policy statement

Our partnership with the American Academy of Pediatrics has resulted in several resources for pediatricians to act on climate in their practices, and lead with their peers. Watch our partnership video here to help answer, “How are the children?” We look forward to working with AAP to implement the recommendations that come out of the Children’s Forum and to inspire ambitious climate action throughout the year.

In addition to the Forum agenda, below, we are also hosting a very special episode of ecoAmerica’s Let’s Talk Climate webcast on Thursday, October 29 from 2-3pm ET, “Vote KIDS: Climate Change and the 2020 Election.” This is a public discussion open to all – please register here.

The Forum is invitation only. Please send inquiries to rebecca (at) and CBernardi (at)

Working Agenda

Wednesday, October 28

1-4pm ET

Day 1 of the Forum will begin with remarks from leaders at ecoAmerica and the American Academy of Pediatrics, followed by a panel discussion with pediatricians leading on equitable climate solutions. The latter half of Day 1 will include breakout group discussions when participants will begin to build action plans for their organizations, as well as virtual networking opportunities. 

Friday, October 30

1-4pm ET

Day 2 of the Forum will feature youth speakers and communications and advocacy guidance for your organizations to lead and activate your members on children’s health and climate change.

Wondering if you should join us? Check out our partnership video with the American Academy of Pediatrics for motivation:


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