Recording Available: “Live from NEHA’s AEC: Together a Safer and Healthier Tomorrow”

By Rebecca Rehr

In the spirit of the National Environmental Health Association’s (NEHA) Annual Educational Conference theme, “Together a Safer and Healthier Tomorrow,” we co-hosted our most recent Let’s Talk Climate episode with NEHA with the same topic. Our guests, Natasha DeJarnett, PhD, MPH, & Steven Konkel, PhD, MCP joined us to discuss the environmental health role in climate action and solutions, diversifying the environmental health workforce, and advice for students entering the environmental health field. 


Watch the Full Episode Here

“I firmly believe healthy communities don’t happen without Environmental Health Professionals. We’re often unsung heroes. When everything is working well, we’re essentially invisible, but there’s so much that we do and so much value to it.” –  Natasha DeJarnett, PhD, MPH

“In environmental health, we tackle all those areas that Natasha mentioned…and also we have a key role in public policy and community planning…environmental health is a contact sport and we’re on the ground.” – Steven Konkel, PhD, MCP


Resources Mentioned During the Episode

Alaska’s Changing Environment 2019 

National Environmental Health Association’s climate change page 

National Children’s Health and Climate Leadership Forum 2020 Summary of Conference Proceedings & Key Actions

75% of Americans are aware climate change disproportionately harms younger people and future generations. Read ecoAmerica’s latest American Climate Perspectives Survey report here 

Climate for Health Ambassadors Training

Climate for Health Moving Forward Toolkit 

Denial: Our Biggest Environmental Health Threat

Health Ranked Top Motivator in Support for Climate Solutions 

Find all of NEHA’s Climate and Health Fact Sheets here 

Green Heart Louisville 

NEHA environmental racism policy statement 

Here more from Dr. Dyjack at ecoAmerica’s 2021 American Climate Leadership summit on demand here (minute 28:50)


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