Recording now available, “Climate Action is Where You Are,” Climate for Health

On Thursday, April 21, 2022, a panel of climate champions from across the US joined us to share their unique approaches to local action that centers equity. From bringing students together from medical schools around the country and internationally to demand climate-centered curricula, to academics collaborating with national non-profits and grass-roots activists, their stories illustrate the power of engaging where you live.

This episode of Let’s Talk Climate features Karly Hampshire, fourth-year student at UC San Francisco School of Medicine and Founder and Co-Director, of the Planetary Health Report Card Initiative; Dr. Elizabeth Friedman, Pediatric Environmental Health Specialist at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City; Dr. P. Qasimah Boston, Co-Founder of the Tallahassee Food Network; and Katherine Catalano, Deputy Director, Center for Climate, Health and Equity at the American Public Health Association.

This Let’s Talk Climate episode was co-hosted with the American Public Health Association and Climate for Health.


Resources mentioned during the episode:

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