Recording Now Available: “Climate, Health, and Art: Climate Creators to Watch in 2022”

Science communicators are making original, entertaining, and educational content that is reshaping the climate narrative and empowering people to feel hopeful about their future, their health, and their planet. They are using social media for good by combating misinformation and inspiring others to take action. 

In February, the Center for Climate, Health, and the Global Environment at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health (Harvard Chan C-CHANGE) teamed up with Pique Action to share a list of Climate Creators to Watch in 2022.

Tune into this episode of Let’s Talk Climate when we’re joined by Kip Pastor, Founder and CEO of Pique Action and Skye Flanigan, Program Manager at Harvard Chan C-CHANGE where she leads the Center’s work with the entertainment industry, to learn more about each organization and their insights on climate communications. 

Harvard Chan C-CHANGE is a partner of Climate for Health, a coalition of health leaders committed to caring for our climate to care for our health.  Founded by ecoAmerica, Climate for Health offers tools, resources, and communications to demonstrate visible climate leadership, inspiring and empowering health leaders to speak about, act on and advocate for climate solutions. Sign up for more from Harvard Chan C-CHANGE through their Climate Optimist newsletter here.

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