Recording Now Available, “From Global to Local: What Does Planetary Health Mean for Me?”

In the last Let’s Talk Climate episode of 2021, The Planetary Health Alliance co-hosted a great discussion with Climate for Health about global initiatives and local actions that advance climate solutions for planetary health. 

Marie Studer, PhD, Senior Program Manager at the Planetary Health Alliance and Melody Wu, a senior at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Planetary Health Campus Ambassador joined me for the episode.

Just in the fourth quarter of 2021, we saw the launch of the São Paulo Declaration on Planetary Health, The Lancet Countdown 2021 report, and COP26. All of these initiatives are framed at a global scale and highlight the urgent need for climate and planetary health solutions that eliminate carbon emissions, restore natural systems, and center justice and equity. So what does this mean for our neighborhoods and communities, and how can we use these frameworks for bold action in 2022? Watch the full episode to find out:

Our conversation covered everything from the actions we take ourselves, systemic change that is needed to build equity, and some climate conversation starters, as well as what keeps us going when climate victories can seem few or far between. 

Melody talked about what students are asking companies at career fairs now, “How much are you contributing to greenhouse gases? What are your climate plans?”

Marie talked about the Planetary Health Diet, and how it’s a. yummy!, b. it’s much more ecosystem friendly, c. lowers my carbon footprint, and then d. it has all of these personal health benefits. “So it’s not only me that benefits, but hopefully the planet, and my community, and society at large. And ultimately when I think about that, it makes me happy!” Being part of the solutions 

And I shared some of my everyday climate action, which includes composting and public and active transportation, but also calling my elected officials. “Let them know you care. They need to hear from you [on climate action].”

Watch the full episode, and join us in climate action! 

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