Recording Now Available, “Health at the Root of Climate Justice”

By Rebecca Rehr

Our health and our families’ health motivate us to act on ambitious and equitable climate solutions. Health is also at the root of climate justice. Black and Brown communities often contribute the least to climate pollution but suffer disproportionately from climate-related health impacts. Climate for Health Director, Rebecca Rehr, hosted a conversation with Staff Scientist with the Healthy Communities Program at EarthJustice Michelle Mabson to build the health equity case for climate action on our most recent Let’s Talk Climate episode. 

You can watch the recording now:  

“It’s both a matter of dissecting our historical connotations for what it is that drives some of the inequities that exist and the disproportionate impacts that we know we will see and are already seeing with climate change, but also making sure we’re tapping our decision makers who have a duty to be naming these issues so that more people can also understand them in their everyday conversation because this should be a national conversation.” – Michelle Mabson 

Resources Mentioned During the Episode:

President Biden Sees Climate Change as a Justice Issue, Do Americans?

Climate for Health Moving Forward Toolkit

EPA’s Environmental Justice resources

MomentUs Statement

Recent Lancet Countdown on Climate Change and Health policy brief

Black Maternal Health Momnibus Act of 2021

Climate Change Tied to Pregnancy Risks, Affecting Black Mothers Most

The Office of Children’s Health Protection is a vital part of EPA’s Mission

Governor Cuomo Signs Legislation to Create Permanent Environmental Justice Advisory Board and Interagency Coordinating Council

Health Is A Major Motivator for American Climate Action

Reparations for slavery could have reduced Covid-19 transmission and deaths in the US, Harvard study says

Reflections: Federal Action on Environmental Justice

The 17 Principles of Environmental Justice


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