Recording Now Available: “Welcoming 2022 with Climate Optimism”

The first Let’s Talk Climate episode of the year gave us lots of hope and inspiration through the topic, “Welcoming 2022 with Climate Optimism” with our guests Dr. Cecilia Sorensen, Director of the Global Consortium on Climate and Health Education at Columbia University and Dr. Jay Lemery, Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine & co-Director of the Climate & Health Program at the University of Colorado School of Medicine.

We started the conversation talking about the Climate and Health Science Policy Fellowship Program and Cecilia brought forward the diverse perspectives the fellows bring to this work and Jay discussed an “All House of Medicine” endeavor, building on the idea that clinicians in all specialties and backgrounds have an important role to play.

Our conversation took us from the local impacts of fire and other climate-driven disasters and community resiliency, to the global action from the health sector to mitigate climate impacts.

We ended this episode with our conversation starters. Jay uses the weather as a way in with friends and family because there is always something different going on and it’s a very common topic of conversation to build shared values. Cecilia usually flips the question when people bring up the weather and asks them, “I wonder if it’s related to the climate,” because when people start to think this through with you it usually ends up in a more interesting conversation.

There is ample opportunity to engage on climate solutions at whatever level you feel comfortable and ready. We hope you enjoy this episode and wish you an active and optimistic year of climate action. 


Links Mentioned During the Episode

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Additional Tools & Resources

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Global Climate and Health Alliance NDC (Nationally Determined Contributions) Scorecard 

COP 26 Health Programme

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