Must See Health Sessions

By Bruce Bekkar, MD

Must See Health Sessions
American Climate Leadership Summit 2022 — National Health + Climate Forum

The 11th annual American Climate Leadership Summit has just completed, featuring
dynamic and inspiring leaders from climate-centered nonprofits, local and national political offices, faith organizations, media, researchers, and student groups. Day 3 was the National Health + Climate Forum, providing updates on both physical and mental impacts, equity, and actions health professionals are taking to better care for patients and motivate policymakers to make needed changes. We even got a look at the future of health education, hearing from the co-founder of Medical Student

s for a Sustainable Future — a rapidly growing national organization working to integrate climate change into medical school curriculums. Many talks on the other days of the Summit also provided valuable insights into the health impacts tied to climate change.   

Arthur Evans, Jr. PhD speaking at ACLS 2022

Here are all the health and climate sessions from ecoAmerica’s 2022 Summit:

Other sessions of interest to Climate for Health:

–   How to Prepare for Climate Change: ecoAmerica President Bob Perkowitz interviews award-winning author David Pogue

–   It’s Not the Cow It’s The How: Food-based Climate Solutions with Gunhild Stordalen, MD PhD

–   Target 2022: Policy, Politics, Prospects + Priorities: a panel of state and national elected officials talk about how to make real progress on climate legislation

–   Closing Keynote + Prayer: inspiration and motivation from Rev. Dr. Gerald Durley


Find these talks and more from the 2022 American Climate Leadership Summit here:

National Health + Climate Forum

American Climate Leadership Summit 2022Complete 4-Day Listing

American Climate Leadership Awards 2022

ACLS 2022 Agenda and Speakers



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